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  • The stress Test..

    The Stress Test is a revelatory study of how and why we react to pressure in the way we do, with real practical benefit to how we live...




  • test_testimoanilsAn intriguing overview of important developments in brain research, specifically as it relates to finding the right mental balance we need for each challenge that faces us.

    Kirkus Reviews
  • test_testimoanilsRobertson explores why stress energizes some people and has devastating effects on others in this fascinating treatise on the human mind

    Publisher’s Weekly

    test_testimoanilsIn his highly enjoyable and interesting book on modern stress research, the psychologist and neuroscientist Ian Robertson cites the radical consolation famously offered by Nietzsche: what does not kill me makes me stronger.

  • Ian Robertson is a rare combination: a cutting edge neuroscientist with a vivid, clear, engaging style, and enviable energy

    Norman Doidge. Author of The Brain that Changes Itself
  • You can change, and here’s the proof. This compelling examination of a scientific revolution helps us understand how we can learn to harness stress

    Oliver James, Author of Affluenza
  • Surely the beginning of a revolution in the way we think and live, whether you’re a shop assistant or the king of Spain, these keys are life-changers – and they work right out of the box

    DBC Pierre (Booker Prize Winner 2003)
  • The Stress Test is a toolbox for people like us, with all the rewards
 of a good novel

    DBC Pierre (Booker Prize Winner 2003)
  • The Stress Test is an engaging tour of psychology, brain science and personal narrative that reveals how sometimes stress can make us stronger

    Elaine Fox, Author of Rainy Brain, Sunny Brain

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