The Stress Test

Do you See Stress as a Threat or a Challenge?

1. When you feel under pressure from too many directions, do you:
2. You are about to give an important presentation about which you feel nervous, do you
3. It’s Monday 3 pm at work and you are feeling jaded and bored, do you:
4. Your boss just told you that you aren’t the star she thought you were when she recruited you. Do you:
5. Your life feels a bit stalled and you are wading through mud with not much to look forward to. Do you:
6. A colleague makes a snide, demeaning remark about you, do you think:
7. You feel jaded and don’t seem to be making much headway in life. Do you:
8. You’re a nervous wreck waiting for the interview or appraisal. Do you:
9. Your boss tells you that you are to move out of your present department where you are very happy into to a new part of the company. Do you think:
10. Someone close to you is diagnosed with a bad form of cancer. Do you think:
11. A colleague says something insulting to you in front of others. Do you:
12. It is your boss who insults you in public and there is no one to complain to; if you are angry with him, there could be bad consequences, you realize. Do you:
13. You are confident and happy in your job when suddenly you are asked to learn a completely new set of skills. Do you:
14. A long term friend you thought you were very close to, suddenly and without explanation drops you. Do you think:
15. You are made redundant. Do you:
16. You are in the middle of severe family crisis, turmoil and stress: Do you:
17. You suffer a major failure.  Do you:
18. When you hear the dictum, “What doesn’t kill you, strengthens you,” you think: