Brexit Boris and his Cynical Foolishness

boris johnson
I do not blame the people of the council estates of Sunderland and Sheffield for voting leave last night. I don’t blame them even though their decision will have so many ugly consequences for the whole world, but in particular for the whole Western democratic project.

I do blame Boris Johnson, Old Etonian bastion of a class system that has systematically disempowered and impoverished the very people whose ill-informed votes he has so cynically harvested to seize the power he craves.

I also blame the feckless Jeremy Corbyn, spineless theoretician who would not even share a platform with David Cameron to mouth his half-hearted support for the Remain campaign. What an apology for a leader.

But I do also blame my own generation of privileged 60- and 70-somethings, enjoying our fat pensions and foreign travels on the backs of the young who were ambitious for a country and not nostalgic for an impossible, retro dream. No such pensions for them – trapped on a small, fragmenting country off the bleak north west of Europe.

Quite a coup, Boris – you brought down Europe and you collapsed the Union. Dig out that old Etonian waistcoat for your celebration dinner.

PS What will your first foreign state visit be – to President Putin or President Trump? – Hard choice, Boris, for they both love you for what you have done.